Can someone explain this ?

Today, I was updating and synchronizing my contacts. I use free contact sync service. You can sync your contacts between Gmail, Windows Live Contacts, Windows Mobile, Outlook, Nokia, BlackBerry, Yahoo etc.
I have lots of contacts, the best combination for me :
Gmail Contacts and Windows Live Contacts. Also I use Windows Live Messenger. But this is not a problem. Some contacts are only Windows Live Messenger contacts and they are not related with my general contacts or some contacts haven’t an email address. They are only my phone contacts.
I tried to add myself to my contacts :). Here is the result. I can see myself on my WLM. I tried to chat with myself but this is not impossible :). If I change my status to Away, the contact that indicates myself (Superlative) also changes to Away. Thats funny. I can delete myself from my WLM list but this doesn’t mean I delete myself from Windows Live Contacts. WLC and WLM are totally different products.
Today, contact synchronizing is very important. I usually use Windows Live Mail as a email client and I use Gmail IMAP services. Gmail keeps my contacts. Windows Live Mail only shows Windows Live Contacts (If you are signed). So I should find a connection between WLM and Gmail. Yes, is the answer. They offer great sync service.

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